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Black Bear Spring or Fall Seasons. We run our bear hunts in the spring and fall both, we had a lot of bears this year and didn’t even touch the quota that was set for the spring or fall, the spring hunts are great for archery as we are able to hunt over bait. The fall is a spot and stock but is also very successful.
Our spring hunts run May 1st till the 15th of June , and the fall hunts run the 1st of Sept. through the 31st of Oct. You can buy the bear tag over the counter.
Our hunts are 5 day hunts for $2750
Please give me a call if you have any questions we would love to have you this upcoming spring or fall.
Moose – If you are lucky enough to draw a Moose tag the chances of getting a trophy are excellent. We have a great moose herd in the dog creek area. Our moose hunts have been 100%. The moose are here.
Big Horn Sheep – Our two select areas for Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep are unique, because one of them is the only area in the state where any Sheep is legal. These are some of the toughest hunts there are. The sheep are there. We can take you part way on horse back, the rest of the way is climbing.
Mountain Goats – We have one of the exclusive mountain goat hunting areas in the state, even in the country. Mountain goats are plentiful in this area. 100% success rate on goats. It is once-in a lifetime tag, if you can draw one. There’s only two areas in the state for goats. Our area #2 that we harvest range from 7-10 years old. We try to take 9.1/2 to 10 1/2 inch goats. We run a 5 day goat hunt. Our mountain goat hunts are fairly hard you have to walk quite a bit. Mountain goats spend their time in the high cliff areas. They can be a fairly grueling hunt as far as hiking and walking.
Congratulations to Brian Tallerico, Guide Eli Hale. New Wyoming State Record Mountain Goat (At 51 and 2/8 inches) and Boone and Crockett Trophy taken Oct 6, 2010.
Mountain Lion – We do our winter mountain lion hunts. Those start in mid-December through usually March. Those are town based hunts. We ride snowmobiles and use dogs to track the mountain lions. Our hunts are dependent on the weather. We have to be able to find the tracks to chase the lions. We’ll tree as many lions as we can find tracks. There’s plenty of mountain lions to kill in the area. Mountain lion tags are over the counter. It’s on a quota, for example 15 lions. As soon as they kill 15 lions the quota is over, but as many males are okay. Because our mountain lion hunts are based on weather, it’s best to be able to be on call. Another way is to come snowmobiling and if we have some weather get a tag.
Plains Buffalo Hunts – We do run plains buffalo hunts based out of Jackson Hole. Just north of Jackson on the Teton National Forest. They issue a number and when they call you, you have to come.

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