Hale Outfitting

Wyomings Premier Outfitter  BG-181

Who We Are

Hale Outfitting is permitted to operate in Bridger-Teton National Forest and holds Wyoming Outfitter license BG  # 181. We offer a variety of Elk and Deer hunts and hunting options. Your hunting partners are Eli Hale and Alan Yeaman (third and fourth generation Star Valley hunting family). We are not just outfitters but hunters who love the outdoors and want to offer GREAT hunting at affordable prices to those that want to experience the wonderful Wyoming area. Bud and his dad started Big Game outfitting in the Star Valley/Jackson Hole/Teton areas in the early 1950’s and bring 60 years of hunting experience to the operation.

What We Do

Hale Outfitting is a second, third and fourth generation Star Valley, WY Hunting Family. We are not just Outfitters but hunters who love the outdoors. Our goal is to offer Great Hunting at affordable prices. We pride ourselves in giving a value added hunting experience. We will try to match a hunt with your skill level and your schedule.

Our Camps

Our High Mountain and Main Camps are located in the Lower Hoback – Snake River area near Jackson Hole and set in the Bridger-Teton Forest. This camp was started over 50 years ago by our family. Our pack in camp is in region H for Deer and areas 84 and 85 (or General) for Elk. We also offer limited guided town based hunts for Elk , Deer, Moose and Antelope Hunting in the southwest parts of the State.

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